Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil
Chuck "Cold Steel" O'Neil

There are two championship titles on the line tomorrow night at “Reality Fighting: Throwdown” at Plymouth Memorial Hall in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Fighting for the Reality Fighting Welterweight Title will be Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil (5-2) defending his belt against Tim Pinney (4-2).

Chuck trains with brothers Joe and Dan Lauzon and is sponsored by Chess Game Fight Gear. One of Chuck’s training partners from Team Lauzon, Anthony Leate (5-0), will be defending his Reality Fighting Lightweight Title against Rene Nazare (3-0) in the main event.

You know the Lauzon brothers must be doing something right if they have two of their fighters defending titles in the main and co-main events. That’s damn impressive.

PRO MMA ( spoke with Chuck last night to see how training went for his first title defense, “Training went very good for this fight.  We have a great thing going at Lauzon MMA, with a great crew of guys and fighters. I got to work a lot with Dany Lauzon and Tony Leate along with John “Doomsday” Howard for this fight. I’m ready and focused for Saturday night.”

Chuck will not only have his coaches in his corner helping out but he has a spiritual advantage as well, “In my corner will be both Joe and Dany Lauzon, along with my head BJJ trainer Joe Pomfret and my hands coach “Hollywood” Steve Maze. I will also have my good friend Doug Bacchiocchi, who recently passed away in my corner!”

Chuck talked about the match-up,  “My opponent Tim Pinney is a very game fighter with dangerous submission skills. I feel if this fight hits the mat it will be a fun time as we will look to one up each other in the grappling aspect.”

Not only is he confident in his own abilities wherever the fight may go, Chuck has confidence in his entire team, “My prediction for the fights overall is Team Aggression will go 4-0 as Joe Proctor will stay undefeated, Alex Dunworth will finish the job and Tony Leate will continue to turn heads and keep his 155 title. As far as my fight goes, regardless of how it comes, the night will end with my hand being raised!”

To view the entire fight card and learn more about the “Reality Fighting: Throwdown” event check out our preview article.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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