Jesse Taylor wins headliner at King of Champions: Shockwave 2009 – full results

PRO MMA ( received the following press release results from the KING OF CHAMPIONS MMA promotion:

As the sport of MMA continues to grow, we in Colorado and the front range region continue to be treated to great fight cards like the one that took place at KING OF CHAMPIONS: SHOCKWAVE 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Event Center March, 28, 2009 in Denver Colorado. There were four professional bouts, three title fights and one women’s MMA fight on the card.

In the Main Event Chris Camozzi faced Jesse Taylor for the KOC 185 lb. professional MMA title. Taylor came out fast showing he wanted this fight on the ground and he got it there by way of a solid double leg takedown.

In round one the combatants traded positions several times with scrambles and reversals wand Taylor landing strong GNP and coming close to sinking in an RNC. Camozzi however escaped the choke and the bout continued into the second round.

Taylor again got the fight to the mat quickly and he controlled position for the majority of the round while working GNP as Camozzi worked for submissions off of his back. In the third round Taylor again put his wrestling prowess to work to take Camozzi down and although Camozzi was close with a shoulder lock submission attempt off of the bottom it was Taylor who garnered the judge’s favor and with an unanimous decision Jesse Taylor took home the win and the title.

In the CO-Main event Rocky Johnson faced Bryant Craven for the KOC
155 lb. professional MMA title.

Round one had good strikes from each fighter while standing. On the ground Each worked for dominant position with quick scrambles and Johnson scored with his GNP attack while Craven stayed busy with submission attempts.

Round two was nearly all very technical ground action with each fighter spending time in the top position, landing GNP then working submission attempts off of the bottom.

Round three was even back and forth standing action with Craven landing a flying knee then each fighter landing a spinning backfist. On the ground Johnson controlled position while each again worked for submissions. In the end the judges had to turn in their cards and by way of split decision the win and title stayed with Rocky Johnson.

Travis Sherman faced Josh Huber in a two round professional bout. Huber came out aggressive with strong strikes including a flurry of head punches. Sherman used a teep kick to push Huber back, but Huber again closed in, pulled guard and on the ground he used his GNP to get Sherman to roll face down. Once back control was secured Josh Huber sunk in the RNC and took home the submission victory at 1:23 of round one.

Alfredo Corona faced Jeremy Malaterre in a two round professional fight. Round one had Malaterre landing his kicks early, but Corona closed the distance, clinched and pulled guard. The rest of the round had Malaterre on top working GNP while Corona stayed active with submission attempts.

Round two had Malaterre again landing good strikes while on the feet and controlling position and working GNP when on the ground. In the end the decision was an unanimous on for the winner Jeremy Malaterre.

Matt Vigil faced Joey Banks for the KOC 145 lb. amateur MMA title. Round one had Banks busy early with aggressive striking. Once on the ground each fighter scored sweeps, GNP and submission attempts.

Round two had Vigil getting the early takedown then controlling position and working his GNP attack for the majority of the round.

Round three again had Vigil getting the takedown then defending submission attempts from Banks before getting in a strong enough GNP flurry that the referee stopped the bout. At 1:45 of round three Matt Vigil got the TKO win and the title.

Jay Wymer faced Ramico Blackmon. Blackmon got a hard double leg takedown but Wymer rolled through and ended up on top to score some strong GNP before Blackmon was able to work back to standing. Both fighters scored with strikes when standing before Blackmon again got a takedown and this time he worked GNP from half-mount until the referee stopped the bout. At 1:19 or round one Ramico Blackmon got the TKO win.

In Women’s MMA action Kelly Brown faced Diana Rael. Most all of round one had Brown pressing forward looking to strike and clinch while Rael landed well with accurate counterstriking.

Round two was almost all standing action with Rael getting some strong elbow strikes to land. On the mat Brown controlled position and worked her GNP.

Round three again showcased the striking skills of the fighters and when on the ground each fighter spent some time with top position working GNP with Rael landing the stronger strikes. This bout went to the judge’s score cards and it was an unanimous decision in favor of Diana Rael.

Jason Clayton faced Sebastian White. Clayton got the early takedown, but White scored a sweep and tried for an ankle lock. Clayton defended well and set in a heel-hook of his own. At 1:38 of round one the submission was sunk in and Jason Clayton took home the win.

James Valmont faced Ali Hanjani. Round one was all standing and striking with Hanjani having the advantage and staggering Valmont several times.

Round two saw Valmont get the takedown and control position while working GNP for most of the round as well as fighting off a triangle choke attempt from Hanjani.

The first half of round three was standup action in the clinch before with Hanjani landing strong knees. In the latter half of the round Valmont got the takedown and worked GNP to finish out the round. When the scores were tallied, the winner by way of unanimous decision was James Valmont.

Tony Gonzales faced Jim Soiland in a fight featuring what the commentators called, “The future of the sport” as both fighters were a mere 18 years old. Soiland got an early takedown and after a quick scramble for position Soiland worked off of his back for an armbar. At 1:39 of round one Gonzales tapped out and the win went to Jim Soiland.

Tyson Vigil faced Geoff Brokx. Vigil scored first with a takedown and off of his back Brokx set in a triangle choke. Vigil picked up his opponent and slammed him to escape. Brokx however transitioned to an armbar and got it sunk in for the tapout victory at 1:16 of round one.

“Of The Night” moments.

Submission of the night goes to Jason Clayton for his good defense of a foot lock that he used to set up a heel-hook of his own to get the submission win.

Chin of the night goes to James Valmont for taking all his opponent had to offer before turning the fight in his favor to get the win.

Takedown(s) of the night go to Ramico Blackmon for his textbook perfect double legs. He was an Olympic wrestler and he put those skills on display tonight.

Fight of the night goes to Rocky Johnson and Bryant Craven. Each fighter seemed to be thinking three and four moves ahead both while standing and while on the ground. This bout went the distance, was fast paced nonstop action, showcased GNP, standing striking, escapes, submission attempts and reversals that made it seem as though either fighter was moments away from the win at several points in the bout.

To watch the action check out GoFightLive.TV where the action will be available for viewing after April 8th.

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