This Saturday night, Murfreesboro, Tennessee will be hosting the first of two consecutive weekends of MMA shows. Nemesis Mixed Martial Arts is producing a night of local fights at ‘Club 527’ on Main Street in downtown Murfreesboro, Saturday March, 21.

This is the first of many shows to come to Middle Tennessee under the promotion of Nemesis MMA. PRO MMA ( ┬áspoke with NMMA coach, and UFC veteran, Josh “The Warhammer” Schockman, about bringing MMA to Rutherford County. “We are planning on doing at least three to four more shows this year in the Murfreesboro or Smyrna area,” Schockman said. The fight card this Saturday will feature six Nemesis fighters putting it all on the line for the fight fans in Murfreesboro.

Josh explained to us there are many new projects he is involved with to grow the sport of MMA, not just in Middle Tennessee but throughout the southeast. Josh stated, “We are having a show later this year in Knoxville, Tennessee that’s going to be huge. It’s an MMA and bodybuilding convention over 3 days, October 16, 17, and 18.”

Schockman also said, “I have a television show that is about to come out called ‘Fight Theatre’. We have already shot a demo and a pilot episode for it. We’ve sold it to a bunch of major networks including here in the local market to Fox UPN 30,”

Next Saturday night, March 28, Lane Collier presents a night of MMA fights at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro. PRO MMA ( will have more details on this promotion next week.

This all good news for fight fans in Murfreesboro and throughout the middle Tennessee area. The future of MMA in this region certainly looks bright with guys like “The Warhammer” leading the way.

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