According to War Machine, he is not afraid of gay people. In this new interview he explains an incident that took place a couple of weeks ago at a gay nightclub in Vegas that led to his arrest. He was actually working at the nightclub; he says it’s a “great place to pick up chicks.” Within the last year he has been fired from the UFC, fired from Bellator, and now fired from a gay bar. He feels all the publicity he has received has been somewhat beneficial because it has kept his name out there and kept people talking about him. He’s one of a kind, no doubt about it.

3 thoughts on “War Machine explains incident at gay bar”
  1. War Machine is gay. He has sex with men. He’s picks up chicks at the bar… chicks with dicks!!

  2. Warmachine is a pretty weird guy overall. I remember his massive meltdown on TUF. The guy definetly has some serious issues. Hopefully he will find some sort of peace, if he even wants it.

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