Looking for that last minute gift for your MMA fan? Well look no further! According to a news release on
24sata.com.hr, a new Cro-Cop PC game, based on Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic, is now available.

CroCop has some very loyal die hard fans and they will be salivating to get into this game and high kick monsters into oblivion. Priced at a mere 49.90 kuna, it is a bargain indeed.

The roughly translated Japanese to Croation to English translation reads like this:

“So in short, the story is based on a story of Croatian Martial Artist, Crocop – Cro Cop: Beyond Reality. The cooperation with the Orlando film and Provox, 24sata brings you this is the entertainment adrenalin by super popular price of only 49.90 kuna! If you are a lover of computer games or just like good, relaxing entertainment,  the game Cro Cop: Beyond Reality right choice for you. Mirko Filipović brought in an unforgettable adventure that will meet with a number of enemies and dangerous, unpredictably situations. Game, which was created in a high-performance animation, is a dynamic and interesting. Offers the option to choose fighters as well as the environment for the fight, and besides playing through levels,it is possible to conduct independent and fight against various enemies. Game to look at all newsstands from 17 December and for only 49.90 kuna! You can order via the web and shop 24sata.”

The action game based on the former Pride and UFC star can be purchased for approximately $10 U.S. funds but is pretty rough around the edges as the screen shots show. But, with minimal MMA games available they may be on to something.

-Jeff Howard

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