An interview all MMA fans will want to hear

There is a new interview with David Samuels by Luke Thomas from MMA Nation that MMA fans will want to hear.

You will remember Samuels as the journalist from The Atlantic who did the in-depth article on Quinton Jackson entitled “Rampage.” He also had seperate interviews with B.J. Penn, Lorenzo Fertitta, and Arianny Celeste, each of which are insightful and well worth your time.

In this interview with Samuels he discusses what he has learned through his investigative journalism and spending time with these various UFC figures. He discusses who REALLY runs the UFC as well as if the UFC is going to succeed in the long run or is this thing going to wind down one day.

He has some fascinating things to say about Rampage and his personality that makes a lot of sense. It helps show Rampage in a different light and ultimately the listener can empathize with the Memphis native. If one really thinks about where Rampage came from, such as on the corner selling crack before he was even a teenager, the man has more than become a success by most anyone’s standards.

Samuels has taken an honest uncompromising look into the UFC and some of its main players. One can only hope his editors will allow him to pursue more stories along these lines.

Listen to the interview with The Atlantic’s David Samuels by Luke Thomas of MMA Nation and Bloody Elbow.