It’s time for another edition of Historic MMA Fights.  These are legendary bouts in the history of MMA that are significant for one reason or another.  

Let’s go back to February 2007 at PRIDE 33 in Las Vegas, when PRIDE’s Lightweight Champion, Takanori Gomi (29-4-0) took on Nick Diaz (18-7-0).  It was PRIDE’s second and final show in the United States.

It was an incredible war that went back and forth testing the resolve of both men.  It was Diaz’s chance to show the world he was indeed one of the very best and introduced to many people’s eyes for the first time a gogoplata submission as he tapped out Gomi in the second round.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission later overturned the win by Diaz after test results came back positive for marijuana.  In the end, the technicality of the record mattered little because it was one of the most memorable fights in MMA history and Diaz was a star.

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