Yves Edwards vs. Duane "Bang" Ludwig
Yves Edwards vs. Duane Ludwig

Nik Theotikos – 185.5 lbs. vs. Luke Rockhold – 185.5 lbs.
Rd.1 – Theotikos immedialtely pulls guard and goes for a guillotine submission and comes very close to getting it however Rockhold escapes and a couple of minutes later ends up getting a submission of his own with a rear naked choke. Luke Rockhold defeats Nik Theotikos by submission (rear naked choke) in Rd 1. All three of Rockhold’s wins have come by way of submission.

Joe “Diesel” Riggs – 170.5 lbs. vs. Luke Stewart – 170.5 lbs.
Big John McCarthy makes his return to the ring as referee in this fight.
Rd.1 – Stewart got two takedowns and landed a few shots from the ground and controlled Riggs on the ground for most of the round. Riggs defended well on the ground and kept out of danger.
Rd.2 – Riggs gets the takedown and from Stewart’s guard he starts landing some huge shots. Stewart gets back to his feet and tries to tie up but Riggs creates enough distance to land big punches until John McCarthy has to stop the fight. Joe “Diesel” Riggs defeated Luke Steward by TKO in Rd 2.

Joe Riggs vs. Luke Stewart
Joe Riggs vs. Luke Stewart

Kim “Sugar Free” Couture – 132 lbs. vs. Lina Kvokov – 133 lbs.
Rd.1 – Kim comes out very aggressively just like she said she needed to do. Landing punches in bunches Kim lands 28 shots and most of them power shots. Grabbing the muay thai plum she lands some knees as well. 1:45 of round one and it’s done. Nothing sweet about her, Kim Couture defeats Lina Kvokov by TKO in Rd 1.

 Editor’s Note: A hint was given that Ralph Gracie may fight Josh Thompson in the future in Strikeforce. That would be a great match up.

Duane “Bang” Ludwig – 163 lbs. vs. Yves Edwards – 164 lbs.
Rd.1 – Yves Edwards immediately shoots in, gets the takedown and remains on top of Ludwig for the remainder of the round. Ludwig is able to fend off the damage.
Rd.2 – Yves comes out and tries to stand with Ludwig which proves to be a mistake as Ludwig lands numerous big shots until Edwards finally gets Ludwig down. Ludwig stands and slams Yves down. Yves stands and takes Duane down. Bang gets back up and it ends with him landing a few shots.
Rd.3 – Bang had some good stand-up in this round. Edwards got a few takedowns but was not able to do much with them. Duane “Bang” Ludwig defeats Yves Edwards by unanimous decision. Duane Ludwig took this fight on two weeks notice when Josh Thompson had to pull out due to injury.

Terry Martin vs. Scott Smith

Strikeforce LHW Title Fight: Bobby Southworth – 204 lbs. vs. Renato “Babalu” Sobral – 204 lbs.
Rd.1 – Babalu opens up Southworth with a big elbow over the eye. Southworth gets a takedown as the round ends.
Renato “Babalu” Sobral defeats Bobby Southworth by TKO (fight stopped by cut) in Rd 1 Doctor would not allow fight to go to second round due to cut above Southworth’s eye.

MAIN EVENT: Scott “Hands of Steel” Smith – 185.5 lbs. vs. Terry Martin – 186 lbs.
Rd.1 – Terry Martin comes out swinging big and has Smith’s back to the cage.  Smith throws a set up left hook and then a big right that connects perfectly to Martin’s temple.  Terry Martin drops face first to the mat and he is out cold.  Scott Smith defeats Terry Martin by KO in Rd 1.

Scott Smith sends a shout out and says hi to his good friend and Vice President of Affliction Entertainment Tom Atencio, who is about to get married to his lifelong partner, Lance.

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