At the post fight press conference Dana White announced UFC 91 took in $4.8 million at the gate. The MGM Grand Garden Arena drew a crowd of 14,272, nearly a sell out.

Billed as the “biggest fight in UFC history” the card did not disappoint at the box office.

While the UFC’s pay-per-view numbers traditionally do not get released, they are required by state law to make their live gate numbers public.

UFC 91 earned the recognition of being the fourth highest grossing live gate in the company’s history. With UFC 66, 83 and 79 ahead of Saturday’s card.

However, it also earned the distinction of being the third highest grossing gate in Nevada history.

While the 14,272 attendance number may not be as impressive as UFC 84’s 14,773 mark, Couture vs. Lesnar earned an additional million at the gate with UFC 84 bringing in $3.732 million.

Stay tuned because the complete attendance numbers will soon be released. The attendance number announced by White at the press conference does not disclose how many in attendance were complimentary versus the amount that paid.

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