Say it isn’t so! One website at least is reporting that wild and crazy guy known throughout the world of MMA as Jason “Mayhem” Miller is retiring.

We have no idea how credible this is but put it like this:

Jason “Mayhem” Miller has ended his fighting career. Win or lose, Mayhem was always a very exciting fighter and his sense of humor is one of the best in MMA. The guy is hilarious. Confirming his retirement, Miller said: “I made enough money, I don’t need to fight anymore.” The good news is that Miller will still be covering the sport of MMA.

At only 28 years of age, it definitely seems early for Miller to retire and it’s fairly doubtful he made enough money from fighting to retire at this stage of his career.  This announcement certainly comes out of left field and makes little sense.  Knowing the type of mayhem Miller likes to cause, this could very well be a practical joke or at the very least more of a break than a retirement. 

More importantly, what will become of the Mayhem Monkeys?

Jason Miller is a middleweight MMA fighter with a record of 21-6-0.  Miller writes for FIGHT! magazine.

We are trying to contact Miller to either confirm or deny this report and to get some answers so stay tuned to PRO MMA for updates on the alleged retirement of Jason “Mayhem” Miller.

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