Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and recipient of the “Knockout of the Year” Award back in 2004 from for his KO of Mirko CroCop, the legend, Kevin “The Monster” Randleman stopped by to have a word with those wild and crazy guys from The Lights Out Show on Tuesday.

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Randleman fought at PRIDE 32 back in 2006 where he lost to Shogun Rua by kneebar in Rd.1, then we didn’t hear from Randleman for a couple of years until he reappeared at Sengoku back in May of this year where he faced Ryo Kawamura and pulled of a unanimous decision victory. It’s good to know the 37 year-old “Monster” still has his heart in the game and here’s some of what had to say:

Randleman has been out of action mainly due to injuries. He has been battling a string of injuries including a torn ligament in his shoulder and a leg injury. According to Randleman, he even finished most of his last fight with the use of only one arm, hence the fight going to decision.

In the four months since his last fight, Randleman had his shoulder operated on and has been healing but he is excited at the prospect of getting back in the ring. Doctors have told him in four weeks he will be able to throw his punches at full force.

Randleman is a proud member of the World Victory Road family and his next fight will almost definitely take place at a Sengoku event. They are waiting on him to give the green light so an opponent can be set up.

Randleman talked about his appearance in the new Tapout film entitled “Pit Fight Redux” which has been getting a lot of attention lately airing commercials on SpikeTV and other channels and can be viewed at It is a very interesting flick to say the least; picture The Ultimate Fighter meets The Matrix. Randleman confirms that the film was shot at one of California’s oldest prisons that is no longer in use. Seth Petruzelli, who just beat Kimbo Slice is in the film as well as “Mighty Mo”.

When asked how much time he has spent with Mark Coleman recently and how he is doing as he prepares for his fight with Shogun in the UFC, Randleman stated that he knows Coleman has been training his butt off, however, Randleman seems to have put some distance between himself and Hammerhouse. Like quite a few other fighters who have recently revived their careers, Randleman has made the move to Las Vegas. He said that he found himself getting stagnant where he was. This is so important. If a fighter can realize when it is time to make big changes like this it can mean all the difference in the wold as far as their career is concerned. Randleman mentioned the names of John Lewis and Randy Couture as places in Vegas where he has been training.

Was Kevin Randleman surprised at how Seth Petruzelli defeated Kimbo? Not really. He said that Kimbo should be ready to fight anyone no matter what and that he himself has had situations like that of having to take fights on short notice.

A newly revitalized Randleman says that he wants to fight six or seven times a year whether it be in the U.S. or Japan. And he plans to fight until his body can no longer handle it.

Randleman says that he used to love “street fights”. He also has a special message for anyone who doesn’t train who thinks they could jump into the ring and beat Kimbo or a professional MMA fighter. You will need to listen to the whole interview to hear exactly the way he puts it but basically he says, “You can’t”.

Quote of the week: “All you amateurs out there remember, you can get punched in the face by your sister, but I ain’t your sister!”

Randleman considers Randy Couture the “best ambassador of this sport ever.”

When asked who he thinks will win between Couture and Lesnar he says, “the wrestler.”

Randleman looks back at some of his classic bouts and says he was able to beat CroCop because Chuck Liddell took time out of his life and showed him how to fight against a Southpaw kicker. He then speaks about the Fedor fight and says after he slammed Fedor, he never thought Fedor was hurt for a moment. He also says the thing about Fedor is you never feel his hips until it is too late. “He is very relaxed,” Randleman reiterates.

It doesn’t look like Randleman will be back before the end of the year. He says he does not want to rush it and wants to do it right this time.

Randleman thanked Dana White for keeping the sport alive when it was trying to die. He also thanked all the MMA fans and said keep watching because the future of sport is bright.

Randleman is going on a USO tour in Baghdad near the end of October.

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  1. Randleman’s a beast! Training in Vegas will be good for him. I look foward to seeing the new and improved Rampage in action

  2. Yep I love to see when guys make a drastic change like this when they know it’s time to do something different and really want to improve. It is rare. The first person that comes to mind is Frank Trigg. He made the move to Couture and he is now better than ever and after all these years, still in the top ten. I’d love to see a rematch with Hughes and Trigg!

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