Oh sh*t – UFC signs James “Lights Out” Toney

Las Vegas, NV (USA) – He’s one of the premier boxers of the last 25 years, a future Hall of Famer who has won world titles in three weight classes while taking on a Who’s Who of the sport, including fellow champions Evander Holyfield, John Ruiz, Hasim Rahman, Vassiliy Jirov, Roy Jones Jr., Mike McCallum, … Read more

Return of “The Monster” Kevin Randleman – TLOS exclusive

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion and recipient of the “Knockout of the Year” Award back in 2004 from Sportsbook.com for his KO of Mirko CroCop, the legend, Kevin “The Monster” Randleman stopped by to have a word with those wild and crazy guys from The Lights Out Show on Tuesday.

The Lights Out Show (www.thelightsoutshow.com), one of the most popular and most downloaded MMA radio shows/podcasts in the world, is a content-partner of PRO MMA (www.promma.info).

Randleman fought at PRIDE 32 back in 2006 where he lost to Shogun Rua by kneebar in Rd.1, then we didn’t hear from Randleman for a couple of years until he reappeared at Sengoku back in May of this year where he faced Ryo Kawamura and pulled of a unanimous decision victory. It’s good to know the 37 year-old “Monster” still has his heart in the game and here’s some of what had to say:

Randleman has been out of action mainly due to injuries. He has been battling a string of injuries including a torn ligament in his shoulder and a leg injury. According to Randleman, he even finished most of his last fight with the use of only one arm, hence the fight going to decision.

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Chris “Lights Out” Lytle – TLOS exclusive interview

Chris “Lights Out” Lytle is known for being a tough fighter and giving any opponent all they can handle within the world’s premier fighting organization. This evening Lytle appeared on the popular MMA radio show that coincidentally bears the same namesake, The Lights Out Show (www.thelightsoutshow.com), a content partner of PRO MMA (http://promma.info) where he talked about his upcoming fight and how he juggles work with his MMA career.

Lytle recently signed a new four-fight contract with the UFC. Apparently they noticed what many of the rest of us have noticed, Chris Lytle is fighting with what seems like a new found passion. When asked to try to explain this new style of fighting he says, “If I go to a decision, I have failed.”

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Chris Leben interview – TLOS exclusive

Coming off two big highlight reel wins, well-rested and well-prepared for his upcoming main event bout, Chris Leben is ready to return to the Octagon on October 18.

Leben discussed his past success and future plans, which include teaching at his new gym in Hawaii, while a recent guest on The Lights Out Show (http://www.thelightsoutshow.com), a content partner of PRO MMA (http://promma.info).

Chris “The Crippler” Leben will face Michael “The Count” Bisping at UFC 89 in Birmingham, England. The event will air free on Spike TV at 9pm ET/PT.

Leben had some legal issues which stifled plans to fight Bisping earlier this year. Now with all that behind him, the TUF veteran is “super excited and super amped” on getting back in there and doing what he does best, slugging it out and entertaining the fans.

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