by:  Cory Brady
Pro MMA was able to catch up with Paul Daley recently to ask him a few questions about his upcoming title fight with Jake Shields. The fight will take place on CBS, October 4th as part of EliteXC Saturday Night Fights. Daley recently made an impressive return after a brief retirement stint and is widely known as one of the sports most lethal strikers while his opponent Jake Shields is regarded as one of the best ground fighters in the game. The term has been widely overused over the years but this fight truly will be the “classic striker vs. grappler matchup”.  Confident would be an extreme understatement to describe how Daley is feeling in the days leading up to what is without question his biggest fight to date.
PRO MMA: How are you doing Paul? How are you feeling right now physically?
PAUL: I’m in great shape, I feel real strong, my conditioning and training has gone very well.

PRO MMA:  I’ve heard you have been training at Mikes Gym in Holland with Melvin Manhoef and Joeri Mes. How has that been going?
PAUL: We have guys come through the training camp, judo and wrestling Olympians, and have had BJJ Blackbelt and Shooto fighter, Antonio Carvalho, throughout the camp.
PRO MMA: Have you and Manhoef been doing alot of sparring?
PAUL: Yeah, this is part of any training camp…sparring, Just with Melvin it’s a little more, but it made me better, mentally, technically and physically.
PRO MMA: What are your thoughts on Jake Shields and how do you feel you guys match up?
PAUL: I think it’s gonna be a great fight, I’m expecting him to put on alot of pressure, but see me winning by KO or Ref Stoppage.
PRO MMA: You are widely considered to be one of the most devastating strikers in the business and Shields is considered to be one of the sports premiere ground fighters. How important to you is it to keep this fight standing?
PAUL: Lol, read the question to yourself bro…lol..It’s very important I keep the fight standing and not on the floor too long with Jake Shields.
PRO MMA:  In recent fights you have shown that holding you down is no easy task. Have you been focusing a lot on your takedown defense and getting back to your feet recently?
PAUL: Yeah, a lot. We have been doing some drills and I’ve been given some real good techniques that have been working in camp.
PRO MMA: Who have you been working your ground game with for this fight?
PAUL: Alot of BIG guys have come through to help with judo, wrestling and BJJ.  Also, watching from the sidelines or getting in there himself sometimes, has been top ten featherweight fighter Antonio Cavarlho.
PRO MMA:  Now this won’t be your first fight in the U.S., but it will certainly be your most high profile. How important to you is it to put on an exciting performance?
PAUL: I just wanna fight and win.  My style is always exciting for the fans, but it’s not something I think about.
PRO MMA:  I have heard that you put off the Shields fight previously because you felt you may not have been ready. What has changed to make you feel that the time is now?
PAUL: I just wasn’t mentally in the right place to fight him back then.  I am now.
PRO MMA: When you close your eyes how do you envision the fight with Shields playing out?
PAUL: I forget the fight, I just see my hand being raised. Victory is already mine.
PRO MMA:  I can’t remember too many guys that have really tested Shields’ chin.  How do you think Shields will react upon receiving a few well placed elbows, knees or punches from a striker of your caliber?
PAUL: He’s gonna react the same as anyone else I hit, he’s gonna panic for a shoot, have the ref help him out, and wake up in the dressing room!
PRO MMA: After reviewing Shields’ opponents that he has faced throughout his career, it seems you will be the most dangerous striker he has faced. Do you feel his lack of exposure to top stand up fighters will be his downfall in this fight?
PAUL: I don’t care about his previous opponents, a lack of this and that.  At the end of the day it will be Paul “Semtex” Daley that has stopped him on that night.
PRO MMA:  Many will remember that you had announced your retirement from the sport not very long ago.  What caused the return and are you back to stay?
PAUL: I had to deal with a few issues that effect everyone in life.  I am back, better and stronger, mentally and physically.
PRO MMA:  How has Melvin Manhoef’s training been going and do you expect him to win the Dream GP?
PAUL: Melvin is a beast and so dedicated, it’s been a real motivation for me.  I shadow him everywhere, we spar hard, and hang out a lot together. He is for sure gonna win Dream GP!
PRO MMA:  Hey Paul, thank you so much for your time. We know you are an extremely busy man. Are there any sponsors you’d like to thank?
PAUL: Right now i have and (16-9-08)
PRO MMA:  Good luck on your fight and we wish you the best of luck in your career. Thanks again.
Here’s Paul Daley’s Fight Finder results including fight record, opponents, and a breakdown of his impressive 72% TKO win ratio.

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