Trigg set for first pro wrestling bout vs. A.J. Styles

I tuned into TNA last night just in time to catch our buddy Frank Trigg standing in the middle of the ring opposite A.J. Styles. Trigg looks completely natural in there talking smack to Styles. Supposedly they are going to have an MMA-type bout of three five-minute rounds at TNA’s “No Surrender” this Sunday, Sept.14 airing live on pay per view. From what I understand, you can only win by submission in this special rules match. Although Trigg has been appearing on TNA as commentator and advesary to Kurt Angle, this will be his first full-fledged match with the TNA professional wrestling promotion.

Frank Trigg is a busy man with his budding pro wrestling career, color commentating in mma, hosting a radio show, having a newborn baby, running a clothing company, and maintaining his status as one of the top ten elite middleweight mma fighters in the world. In fact, Trigg’s next fight takes place on October 3rd, when he faces off with Hawaiian star Falaniko “Niko” Vitale (26-8) as Strikeforce ventures to Denver, Colorado’s Broomfield Events Center.

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  1. HA! I hadn’t heard about this. Trigg going into wrestling? He’s perfect for it. Him and Kurt Angle would be AWESOME!

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