Dana White and other members of the UFC were at the Mall of America this week doing press for UFC 87.  Although Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is not fighting on this card, it seems Dana probably had  Quinton come along so everyone can see he’s doing fine, so he could answer some questions, and also probably just to get him out and about surrounded by friends who have his best interests in mind.

Jackson confirms in this interview that he and Juanito Ibarra, his trainer, are no longer working together.  He would not go into details but he was obviously distraught by something that had transpired between them.  When a reporter stated, “…it seemed he was almost like a father figure to you,” Rampage replies, “that’s why it hurts.”  He went on to say, “you all will find out soon enough.”  Meaning sooner or later all the details of why Rampage and Ibarra split up will be known.  Thanks to Kevin Iole at Yahoo and MMA Experts Blog for the audio:

By Jack Bratcher


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