by:  Jack Bratcher

As most people know by now MMA veteran Frank Trigg has been involved with the TNA Pro Wrestling organization.  Today on TAGG Radio Trigg reported on what has already been popping up on the Pro Wrestling blogs:  he broke a TNA producer’s nose.  Now certain Pro Wrestling sites are reporting that it was part of a skit that went wrong and Trigg didn’t pull his punch.  However, that’s not the story that Frank Trigg gave on air today.  Trigg said he was actually having a conversation with Karen Angle that got heated when a producer grabbed Trigg from behind.  Trigg said he then instinctively turned around and punched the guy in the nose.  The victim apparently is a friend of Trigg’s so “it wasn’t anything personal,” he said.  Rather, it was just a matter of the guy being in the wrong place at the wrong time and grabbing an MMA veteran from behind.  Supposedly cameras weren’t even supposed to be there filming, “but it will probably end up on TNA,” said Trigg.

Now, there’s two ways to look at this.   It either really was part of a skit that went wrong or Trigg was really having a conversation with Angle’s wife that got heated, the producer tried to intervene to “rescue” her and cameras just happened to be filming.  You decide.

Here’s a recent interview with Frank Trigg by  They discuss how his new venture into TNA Pro Wrestling is going as well and they also talk about his upcoming MMA fight with Olympic Gold Medalist, Makato Takimoto at Sengoku 4 in Japan.

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