UFC 86: Post-Fight Press Conference Summary

by: jack Bratcher

Forrest was noticeably missing as the UFC 86 post-fight presser bagan.  He was busy getting lots of stictches.  Dana was very pleased with the Jackson / Griffin fight and was also open to the idea of a rematch depending on how Rampage’s leg recoverss, how Forrest heals up and other considerations.  Rampage was very respectful of Forrest and is definitely down for a rematch.  Rampage told Dana after the fight on the way to the locker room, “We had better got Fight of the Night.” And indeed they did.   Rampage said those leg kicks in the second round really through him off and said there’s K1 fighters he’s fought who couldn’t do to him what Forrest did.  He said he wants to go back, watch the tape and learn how Forrest did that.  It seemed he was also impressed how Forrest kept going back to the leg kicks after he hurt Rampage.
Rampage said he felt he won the fight and that he was very surprised at the unanimous decision for Forrest.  This seems different than what he said in the cage immediately following the fight when he said during the post fight interview that he had “got his ass kicked.”  Gauging by what he said, I think this difference in attitude probably came from his cornermen and trainer.

One reporter asked Rampage at the post fight press conference how badly did he want the belt back.  Rampage replied that he “liked to fight and liked to make money but it’s not always about being the champ.”  He also said that Dana had just brought him the Pride Belt that he won from Dan Henderson that very day and then he had to give up his UFC Belt also that same day.  He then said he’s just gonna keep on fighting and not worry so much about the belts.

Rampage said he by no means underestimated Forrest and that he was trying to knoick him out but he just wouldn’t go.

Dana says the UFC will not be adhering to the new changes in weight classes that have been implemented into the Unified Rules.

“The people who criticize The Ultimate Fighter” are jackasses.” -Dana White

Dana White says there’s some new kid on this next season of The Ultimate Fighter with Nogueira and Mir who is 155 lbs. and is “absolutely nasty.”

Dana said Cote will get a title shot but his fight was boring.  (Personally I have to agree with that assesment)  Then Dana , smiles and says “I’m just kidding but sometimes that happens when two guys have two different game plans.”   So were you kidding or not Dana?  Come on….it was sort of a boring fight.  But that’s ok not every match up will be a barn burner, no biggie.

Koscheck said that was the bloodiest fight he had ever been in “but that shows you just how tough Chris Lytle is.”

Dana said the bloodiest fight he’s ever seen was a fight involving Jay Heiron and “that one is locked up in the safe.”  He said it was worse than the Joe Daddy vs. B.J. Penn fight.

Koscheck said the Vegas fans have never really seemed to like him that much.  He said also that he doesn’t think he’s a completely well-rounded fighter yet but he’s working on it and also he thinks the fans will eventually see his improvement one day and that he will win them over.

There was also some talk about Josh Koscheck possibly moving to lightweight to fight B.J. Penn.

Dana jokingly said, “Melvin’s in trouble (he got the KO of the night bonus) he’s got a pocket full of money now; we aren’t gonna see him for a year.”  Everyone laughed including Melvin who covered his face.  Dana then said, “He’s a very talented guy and I want him to get his head straight.”

Melvin was REALLY playing the “I have grown up and become a man in the last few months” card ALL NIGHT LONG.  I hope he has.

Ricardo Almeida talked about his fight with Patrick Cote and said he felt dead tired in the second round and couldn’t really explain why.  He also thought the fight wasn’t that good and he also felt it was boring.

After getting stitched up, Forrest came into the press conference late  to applause from the press.  He stopped and shook Rampage’s hand on the way to his seat.

A reporter asked Cote if he felt like he was more tentative in this fight and Cote replied that “this was a different kind of fight….if you go on the ground with him (Almeida) you’re dead.”

The UFC is talking about holding events in Chicago in October & Boston in November.

Forrest was glad that he won but said there was some things he wanted to do that he didn’t do and seemed a bit critical of his performance.  He was far from gloating and very humble in his victory.
In response to a reporter, Forrest also talked about how he’s the only UFC champion who isn’t “feared” but that he will “fight you to the end like a dog and will not quit.”

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