Last week, A.J. Styles hit Trigg from behind out in the parking lot mistakenly thinking he was Kurt Angle. Well, this week Trigg had some words for Mr. Styles. He tells him how it’s done in the MMA world. Good stuff by “Twinkle Toes.” He’s a complete natural and looked absolutely comfortable delivering that monologue in front of the millions of viewers. Great job Trigg. Stay tuned each week to PRO MMA as we report on Trigg’s ongoing adventures into the world of Professional Wrestling. TNA airs Thursday & Saturday nights on Spike TV.

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Frank Trigg is ranked seventh in the world as middleweight in Mixed Martial Arts. He can also be found on Tagg Radio Monday thru Friday from 11:00am-12:30pm CST talking about the world of Professional Mixed Martial Arts.

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