Here’s an exclusive interview with Cung Le. Cung has some words for Frank Shamrock who had plenty of excuses why he lost in their recent match. Frank said “it was unfortunate I broke my arm.” Cung says, “Frank didn’t break his arm. I broke his arm.” Hahaha Exactly what I was thinking Cung. Classy guy.

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3 thoughts on “Cung Le responds to Frank Shamrock calling him “boring.””
  1. I think Frank did waste alot of time chasing Cung Le around the cage. Frank should close the distance so Cung Le’s kicks aren’t dangerous and use some classic dirty boxing and take him the fuck out. I know Frank has what it takes to KO LE. Who the fuck is this ass kissing reporter doing everything but kissing Le’s Dick. Is Frank dillusional he asks, same guy when seeing Frank will kiss Frank’s dick. Reporter’s like this clown are just fucking ass kissing ball hugging dicks that wish they could fight but were beat up all the time in the playground. FRANK SHAMROCK WILL KO CUNG LE IN 2ND ROUND IN NEXT FIGHT.

  2. The reporter is doing what most will do in this situation. Warm up to the person their interviewing and then try and feed them lines. You get 2 fighters challenging each other and taking crap then you did a good job.
    Its obvious Frank was loosing that fight, but Frank is not going to admit that. He is doing a decent job trying to get another fight with the Champion. Which in turn will make both fighters more money. Cung vs Shamrock II. Looking forward to it already.

  3. The next time they fight Cung will scissor heel hook Shamrock. The same fate awaits Anderson Silva: Call up some Chinks or Japs to ankle lock him again, and the champ is finished. Question about Sanchez: quarter of a decade = 2.5 years,not 25 years, right? Cung needs to stop bitching about breaking Shamrock’s arm, and fight some real niggers, like Anderson Silva. Isn’t he like 35 years old? What the hell is he waiting for. Don’t tell me that’s the WuShu master’s philosophy. Cung Le needs to submit people while they’re still rocked, and not wait till they get up.

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