Tonight the main event fight in WEC was Urijah Faber vs.  Jens Pulver for the 145lb title.  They both fought hard for five full rounds, with Faber winning by unanimous deicison. 50-45, 50-44, 50-44.  Pulver had a few flurries that looked like they may have had Faber stunned, but Faber controlled the entire fight.  Instead of the famous left hand from Pulver, Faber pulled out a right hand from hell.  Faber was throwing heat all night and was quick as a rabbit.  He also had a few take downs and was able to ground and pound quite a bit.  Pulver took one hell of a beating.  He right eye looked like it had a golf ball on it after the fight.  An entire recap of the WEC card from tonight should be up soon, so come check it out guys.

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