I got two emails from Senator Bo Watson of Tennessee today.   I have been in contact with him since I found out he was the one who authored the amendment which called for the proceeds from MMA events in Tennessee to go to state wrestling programs. There was some worry that because of that amendment the bill may not get passed and would stifle the attempt to have professional Mixed Martial Arts in the state of Tennessee.

Here’s the first email I got from the Senator at around 8:00 am:

House will vote today, Wed.
Compromise amendment is on the bill and should pass the house.
-Bo Watson

So it seems they made some compromise to the bill.  That’s good.  Then at 11:00 am I received a second email from the Senator after they had the vote:

Bill, as amended, has passed both chambers and will go to the Governor for signature.

This is great news.  It seems we’re just waiting for the governor’s signature and Professional Mixed Martial Arts will be a reality in Tennessee.  The first major event expected in Tennessee would most likely involve Quinton “Rampage” Jackson who is from Memphis.

As soon as the governor signs the bill I will post the news and then it will finally be official;  Professional Mixed Martial Arts in Tennessee is a reality!

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