There may come a time in your fighting career when you find yourself grappling against an opponent who doesn’t shave under their arms.  And in rare instances you may be forced in a position where you are faced staring into the armpit of your opponent.  And it’s in those rare moments fighters have witnessed what can only be termed, “Armpit Vagina”.

This is a dangerous phenomenon because it can really take a fighter out of his game especially those fighters who abstain from sex in those days or weeks prior to a fight.  Quite a few bouts have been lost when a fighter had been winning the match but end up on the ground and then happen to encounter the armpit vagina; they become entranced by the hairy image and all that it represents and in that moment of distraction their opponent takes advantage and delivers either a knockout blow or submission.

This has happened numerous times and many gyms and trainers are now implementing new strategies to counteract the armpit vagina.  If you have never seen this phenomenon, the image below will be able to help you recognize and be prepared if this ever happens to you.

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