Josh Koscheck might not be who you think he is

If you don’t think the magic of editing can cause a person to look differently than what they really are or if you don’t think it can change your perception of people, I would ask you to consider the most recent episode of The Ultimate Fighter when coach Josh Koscheck choked Mr. Tate. Regardless of what you thought about Koscheck’s actions, maybe you think he went too far or whatever, but now we can see from this video, there was more to the situation than what we were first led to believe.

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  • sloth48

    honestly seeing this changes my perspective on koscheck for his actions. im not a fan of his but i definitley dont think hes as big of a douche as i did before watching this.

  • Johnny

    Sevak is a street thug who has been threatning everyone on the show that hes going to “cut” and stab them. He shouldn’t even be on a show of Mixed Martial Artist. Koscheck is an idiot whos been smack talking the whole time. I mean I know hes doing it to increase ratings but once the smack talking comes from someone else he wants to fight. Thats a punk move. If you’re going to dish it out then you should be able to take it too.

  • Where did you hear about Sevak saying these things Johnny?

  • LaShawnDeMarcusJackson

    The nigger nurse is to blame, it’s got an attitude problem like all nigs do.

    Koscheck should have KO’d that fat ape.

  • Sal

    I don’t know why Koscheck is starting with the whole “he disrespected the fighters” shtick when he’s been doing the same shit to GSP’s squad the entire season. Personally I thought both him and Brad came off as douchebags. Obviously Kos is acting up because he knows that’s what the producers want but even with that in mind he comes off as a tool, even when he isn’t on edited reality shows. People give Dan Hardy shit for talking trash but at least he’s witty. When Koscheck tries to play mindgames he comes off as a complete dummy.

  • Goose

    Why is nobody addressing the threats that Sevak is spewing? “Have you ever been cut [with a knife]?”, who the fuck says that? He was talking about cutting hands and fingers off in earlier weeks. Be glad that Tate chose to make fun of his accent instead of stooping to his level and have them threaten to knife each other.

    I used to be a Kos fan but it’s sad to see how all the shots to the head have been affecting his thinking.

  • Todd

    Why would this video change anything. This video doesn’t make him look any better. It make Kos look worse. We knew he was a total d’bag but now we just know hes a liar too. He doesnt give a shit about Sevak, hes just mad because this guy that he thought would be an easy target wasn’t. Kos is an idiot who lost a battle of wits and then got extra pissed when he couldnt physically intimidate the other dude. Kos lost twice. End of story.

  • Both guys are to blame for their actions.

  • bazza76

    Some valid points I think you will all agree!

    * KOS is the biggest loser. He has talked shit to GSP’s fighters and is a problem child. Oh yeah, he fakes injuries during fights. This dude should be axed from the show and the UFC. Or at least give Paul Daley a second chance. Yet another total double standard on the part of the UFC and Dana.
    * The magic of editing. I like how now the clip looks like Kos attacked Tate after Tate made fun of Sevak and not what the original airing of the show told us: Kos can’t take people calling him out for his lies.
    * If Kos had gone after GSP like that, he’d be off the show if not fired from the UFC. Provoked or not, it was an attack. The fact that it was NOT another fighter, but a medic should, if anything make that attack even worse! This video makes it look like Dana must’ve taken Tate’s accepting the apology as a “No Harm No Foul” situation. I wonder how many more free passes Kos is going to be given.
    * Sevak is a little Bitch! he made fun of George’s accent during the baseball game yet when the paramedic makes fun of Sevak he gets all upset.
    * This guy was pushing the paramedic buttons way too long. And when we finally gets beaten at his own game he snaps, reacting like a punk and worst of all, tries to blame GSP. Seriously?
    * The only thing that Koscheck is good at, is lying. Does he really think the audience didn’t notice that he lost it only when Tate the EMT made fun of him for faking a knee to head and faking eye pokes?

  • edub

    Qoute at the end:

    “Fighting in the octagon is different than fighting in real life.”

    What’s this dude trying to prove? It’s becoming clear to me that this guy is here for attention. How he convinced GSP to let him on the show, I don’t know.

    BTW… Koscheck still a douche.

  • mattg

    I hear josh wakes up every morning and eats a full bowl of quiefs to kepp up his douchebag ego….and that his curly little fro comes from all the pubes he swallows during his daily blow jobs to bums