Introducing “San-do” – triple warrior combat

Only a company run by late night talk show mogul Byron Allen could bring you something as ridiculous as this. Imagine Chuck Norris’ World Combat League meets the Three Stooges and you’ve got “San-Do”. Here’s how their official website describes it:

“Three fighters in the ring! Triple Warrior Combat! San-do is a brand new mixed martial arts (MMA) sport that features highly trained martial arts fighters, in triple warrior combat. The San-do sport is the result of merging many different MMA fighting genres, with the evolving trends in MMA entertainment. Today, it’s going full speed ahead giving professional fighters a chance to show their stuff, and giving San-do fans a truly riveting entertainment MMA experience.”

The obvious question of course is, “WHY?” Even tag team MMA would make more sense than this. First it was X-Arm, now this. What in the world is next?

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  • Mike C

    San Do is the craziest and dumbest thing I’ve seen. Bad for the sport of MMA if you ask me. I hope they ban this San Do.

  • While at a UWC show a comission guy came up and gave me his card. He said he had something interesting to show me. I emailed him and he sent me back this nonsense. People wonder how Chase Beebe got robbed.

    Sadly the website has been taken down.

  • doss

    The most disturbing thing about the article is calling Byron Allen a talkshow “mogal”. The sport looks cool.