Friday, July 25, 2014
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Lessons In Humility with Gil Melendez

Prior to kicking off “The El Nino Hour” this past week, PRO MMA’s ( Matt De La Rosa got on the mat with top 155 pounder Gil Melendez for a “Lesson In Humility.” The Strikeforce Interim champ didn’t waste any time with THE INFO co-host, racking up nine tapouts in less than five minutes. If Jason “Mayhem” Miller is looking for fighters to appear on the next season of “Bully Beatdown”, he should call “El Nino”. De La Rosa and Melendez also provide commentary on the video.

View this collection of past episodes of “Lessons in Humility” in the PRO MMA forums.


  1. You’re a good sport Matt. I didn’t even know you practiced BJJ.

  2. He doesnt. Did you not watch?! All in all good stuff bro. Better you than me!

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