Fast Eddie’s Minute – Catching up with the Couture’s

Fast Eddie caught up with Randy and Kim Couture following her first round victory in Strikforce on Friday November 21st.  Randy gave us his predictions on the Frank Mir and Antonio Noguiera fight, his contract status,  and his thoughts on his wife’s performance.  Kim talked about her fight, Gina Carano’s future plans, as well as her own promotional plans for the coming year.

Fast Eddie – Congratulations on your performance tonight.  My first question is for Randy.  The fight against Brock Lesnar was the first fight on your new deal.  How many fights are remaining on that contract?

 Randy Couture – The contract is for 3 fights. I have not heard anything about my next opponent and what the UFC has planned for me next so I am in no rush.

FE – Given your track record at predicting fights, how do you see the Mir / Nogueira fight playing out and who do you think will come out on top?

RC – I am leaning towards Nogueira.  If you call the jiu-jitsu side of it a wash, the conditioning and striking play a larger factor. Noguiera is very tenacious and will keep going, pushing the fight to the later rounds.  That is where Minotauro will win.  I think Frank has a little more horse power and can punch and kick harder, especially early on, so if Frank can take this fight it will have to be early.

FE – How did you feel seeing John McCarthy inside the cage again doing what he is best at?

RC – It was awesome.  There is no better ref in the game than John.  When it comes to knowing what is taking place inside the cage, fighter safety, and the ability to not have an adverse affect on the fight as we have seen recently in some other matches he is in a league of his own.

FE – Thanks so much for the time Randy.  Now I have a couple of questions for Kim and her impressive performance tonight.

RC – Anytime Eddie.

Fast Eddie – How are you feeling after your dominating performance?  Your striking looked extremely crisp this evening.

Kim Couture – Thanks.  I really worked on that leading up to this fight and I am glad that I could show some of the skills I possess.  I hit her with a couple of really hard shots early on and once I saw that she turned her back to me I knew I was going to finish her on our feet.

FE – What are your thoughts for 2009.  Just taking it fight by fight as you go?

KC – Fight by fight right now.  Probably next for me will be throwing an event myself next year.  Just looking for guys to compete in that event.  I might alternate.  Throw a fight card, and then compete on a card.  I will try to work it all in somehow.

FE – Any word on what we might be looking at for your teammate and close friend Gina Carano?

KC – Still just kind of up in the air.  Gina fought with Strikeforce in the past and really likes the promotion; the way they handle and treat the fighters, and the approach with which they market the sport.  We really want to see Gina fight again against Cyborg.  Everyone wants that fight and it will take women’s MMA to a level it has yet to see.

FE – Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us here at PRO MMA (, and now I will let you go so you can get some dinner.  Congratulations again on your victory tonight Kim.

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