Bas Rutten on Kimbo & Elite XC investigation

Kimbo Slice’s trainer, Bas Rutten comments on what happened with Ken Shamrock pulling out, allegations of Seth Petruzelli getting paid to stand, what the future may hold for the former street fighter, and Petruzelli and his wife receiving death threats.

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  • Cayne

    calling bullshit, when was the last time shamrock even tried to take the fight to the ground?
    And dont try to say shamrock would have shamrock is a egotistical idiot he would have just sat there eating punches.
    Kimbo got smashed by a guy who hasnt fought for ages after FAILING in the UFC and dropping weight Seth was also training for a different fighter and you joke of a fighter got KTFO by 1 punch from this dude that is all you fail at coaching.
    Death to kimbo nuthuggers