Dana White UFC 113 video blog – Day 1

It’s press conference day in Montreal in preparation for “UFC 113: Machida vs Shogun 2” and Paul Daley shows off the winning picture in the Josh Koscheck Photoshop contest. Viewers get to see behind the scenes of some interviews, as well as Dana and Patrick Cote helping Montreal get ready for the Habs victory over … Read more

Dana White Talladega video blog with Chuck Liddell

Dana White and Chuck Liddell along with their kids, take a little road trip to Talladega to hang out with the NASCAR folk. It’s the UFC President and “The Iceman’s” first visit to a NASCAR event and they get the royal treatment complete with Alabama moonshine. They get to ride in the pace car too. Where’s Ricky Bobby?
Part 1

Part 2 after the jump…

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Dana White UFC 97 video blog (4-18-09)

There are two parts to Dana White’s UFC 97 video blog for April 18th. In this first part Dana meets Cung Le and the lead actor from the new “Fighter” movie. Dana says he loves Cung Le and thanks him for beating up Frank Shamrock. In part two, we the viewers, get to see all the fighters back stage and get to walk to the cage with “The Iceman” for what will most likely be his final time.

part 1:

part 2 after the jump…

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UFC President Dana White gives first interview after “Hunt-gate” (audio)

In case you have been in a coma this past week, you probably heard the news about UFC President Dana White using one of his famous video blogs to announce his displeasure at a certain female MMA journalist for a recent article she had written.

Due to White’s particular choice of words he used to lash out at the journalist, he has drawn the ire of mainstream media all over the country. ESPN, FOX Sports, Newsday, USA Today, and the LA Times, just to name a few, all reported on the three minute video blog.

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Frank Trigg training blog for Feb. 9, 2009

Frank Trigg will be fighting Danny Babcock on Feb.14 at ‘XFC: Rumble in Race Town’. Just a few days away now, Trigg is winding down the training camp. We will be featuring his video blogs here the rest of the week at PRO MMA (http://promma.info) leading up to the fight. We also have a new … Read more

Dana White video blog for UFC 91 #5

Here’s the November 14th edition of Dana White’s video blog leading up to UFC 91. Tomorrow is the big day and Dana has been doing constant PR for “biggest fight in history.’ They make it look relatively easy but these guys are constantly working to produce quality shows.