Rashad Evans talks about recovering from knockout

“Sugar” Rashad Evans (13-1-1) lost his UFC light heavyweight title at the hands of Lyoto Machida (15-0) at UFC 98 in May. Evans was brutally knocked out with a flurry of punches the Brazilian put on him in the second round. It was Evans’ first loss.

Evans appeared as a guest on ESPN 1100 Radio on Thursday and talked about how one bounces back from something like that. “You just accept it for what it was. I went in there and got my butt kicked, hands down (literally), got it whooped,” the former champion said.

Some fighters are never able to recover from knockout losses similar to what Evans experienced. However, Evans insists the knockout is not something he will dwell on, “I never lost before, and to accept what actually happened will help me move on further because now I accepted what happened. I watched the video, and I’ve seen images of it and I’m not haunted by it.”

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Why Lyoto Machida is so special

Yoshizo Machida laid the foundation

Following UFC 98 this past Saturday night, UFC President Dana White said, “This could be the Lyoto Machida era;” meaning the newly-crowned light heavyweight champion may hold the title for a considerable amount of time.

We here at PRO MMA (promma.info) were touting the praises of Machida’s style a year ago. This was after he dominated Tito Ortiz and so-called “experts” had the nerve to compare Machida’s style of fighting to Kalib Starnes running from Nate Quarry.

For the most part it seems as though his way of fighting has been misunderstood by a large portion of MMA fans because he does not simply stand in front of opponents like a “Bonnar vs. Griffin 1” and slug it out to see who is left on on their feet. Machida’s fighting strategy is practically the diametrical opposite of someone like Wanderlei Silva.

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