Between Rounds: What’s a guy gotta do?

MMA cutman David Maldonado

The role of a cutman, though still shrouded in mystery and some confusion, is gaining progressive interest from many out there who want to be involved in the great sport of MMA but avoid getting punched. I must pause and say that last week I worked a show in Lexington, Ky. and almost did get punched trying to subdue a concussed and semi-conscious fighter who clocked the referee thinking he was his opponent. But I digress..

Mixed martial arts comes to Massachusetts

Green=Sanctioned, Yellow=Legislation Pending, White=No Legislation Pending
Green=Sanctioned, Yellow=Legislation Pending, White=Either No Legislation Pending or No Athletic Commission

The 42nd State to Regulate the Fastest Growing Sport in the World

UFC Will Now Hold Events in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has become the 42nd state in the country to bring regulated mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions, including Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events, to thousands of Bay State fans.  The Massachusetts Legislature recently passed a bill that would allow the Department of Public Safety to oversee regulation of the popular sport in the state.

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CSAC Executive Officer Resigns

by: Matt De La Rosa

It has been reported that Armando Garcia has resigned as the California State Athletic Commission’s Executive Officer.

The agenda for the next CSAC meeting shows the resignation to be the fifth order of business.

Garcia, a former Florida boxing referee, served as the Executive Officer for over three years, beating out 75 other candidates for the position back in 2005.

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