Would you like to see Chuck Liddell fight Kimbo Slice?

Does Kimbo Slice deserve the opportunity to fight someone like Chuck Liddell?
Does Kimbo Slice deserve the opportunity to fight a legend like Chuck Liddell?

Realistically, how big could a fight between “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell and Kimbo Slice be? Let’s face it; neither fighter is going to hold a title in the UFC. Chuck’s been there and done that. And Kimbo never will. But as far as pure entertainment goes, I can’t think of a much more exciting fight than Chuck Liddell vs. Kimbo Slice.

Liddell, on Sherdog Radio Monday, talked about the possibility. “Why would anyone even want to see me fight Kimbo?” asked Liddell. “I have no interest in that fight. Whatever. It is what it is. I guess I’d do it, if that’s who I had to fight to come back.”

“The Iceman” said he needed some time off from fighting, and Dancing with the Stars not only gave him something productive to focus on, it helped him stay in shape. Now that he is back in the gym he wants to see how things go, see how he feels, and make the decision whether to step back in the Octagon or not.

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