Ken Shamrock: Fighters Should Take Notes

By: Kelvin Hunt

When you mention the name Ken Shamrock it is typical for a lot of thoughts to flood your mind all at once.  It is possible one might think of Ken’s two fights in the very first UFC event way back in 1993, or his stint in professional wrestling.  Or you might recall 1994 when he fought twelve times in one year.  It’s possible to conjure up images of the electricity he and Tito Ortiz brought in their first encounter at UFC 40.  However, if you are a fan that is new to the MMA scene, all you probably know is that Ken Shamrock hasn’t won a fight in a very long time.

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Kimbo Vs. Shamrock set for Oct. 4th on CBS

by:  Cory Brady

Multiple sources close to the fighters are reporting that this bout has been finalized and EliteXC is expected to make an announcement regarding the bout later this afternoon. Kimbo Vs. Shamrock is scheduled to be the nights main event. There has been plenty of speculation recently that Kimbo would be facing either Brett Rogers or even former youtube opponent Sean Gannon but it looks as if Ken Shamrock has won the Kimbo lottery this time around.

This fight makes alot of sense to EliteXc as far as the draw from many mainstream fans that will easily recognize either fighters name. Many of the hardcore mma fans are likely to disagree with the decision of Shamrock as Kimbo’s next opponent as they were ready to see him face some tough competition in the form of heavweight knockout artist Brett Rogers but it looks like that’s one fight that is just going to have to wait.

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