By: Kelvin Hunt

When you mention the name Ken Shamrock it is typical for a lot of thoughts to flood your mind all at once.  It is possible one might think of Ken’s two fights in the very first UFC event way back in 1993, or his stint in professional wrestling.  Or you might recall 1994 when he fought twelve times in one year.  It’s possible to conjure up images of the electricity he and Tito Ortiz brought in their first encounter at UFC 40.  However, if you are a fan that is new to the MMA scene, all you probably know is that Ken Shamrock hasn’t won a fight in a very long time.

Just this week EliteXC announced that Ken Shamrock would fight Kimbo Slice on their 3rd installment of CBS Saturday Night Fights.  Shamrock has not won a MMA bout since stopping “Kimo” way back in 2004 at UFC 48.  In fact, Shamrock is 2-8 in his last 10 fights and has been KO’d in his last 5 fights in the first round.  Clearly Shamrock is the underdog in this fight with Kimbo, considering the KO power his opponent wields with his fists.

However, Shamrock possesses a quality that few MMA fighters grasp in this day and time:  the ability to make you want to see him fight, regardless if you really think he can win the fight.  Shamrock already has the wheels of promotion turning for this upcoming bout.  You can call it building a character, or selling the fight.  The point is, regardless how much of a mis-match you think this is, you will be watching on October 4th.  More fighters should take notes, as this is a quality that seperates the good fighters from the good fighters that can become superstars.

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