Legend Status: Watch this new highlight reel of Johnathan Ivey

MMA is about characters, those are the guys you remember. The Sakurabas, the Shamrocks, the Don Fryes, the Tito Ortizes. And the Johnathan Iveys. If you’ve ever seen The Leglock Monster fight then you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever seen him walk to the cage in a Jason Voorhees Friday-the-13th-style hockey mask and carrying … Read more

Video: UCMMA 33 Highlights

A highlight video of UCMMA 33, which took place earlier this month at the Troxy in London on April 6th. The event showcased some of the best UKMMA action we have seen so far this year, bringing fans and viewers not only one, but three title bouts on the night. The show featured a middleweight championship bout between Denniston Sutherland and Ben Callum.

Video: The finest moments of MMA referee and judge Cecil Peoples

If you have been around the mixed martial arts world for any length of time then you are no doubt familiar with the exploits of one Cecil Peoples. Maybe you’re one of the fighters who got robbed of a decision thanks to his subjective scoring criteria. Or maybe you’re one of the fighters who took a few too many extra punches while Sensei was busy daydreaming instead of refereeing. Or maybe you’re one of the fans who Master Peoples told “go to hell” after the Machida vs. Shogun fight for having the nerve to question his judging. If you are someone who fits into one of those categories, then you will likely enjoy this video even more than me.

Ode to ‘The Spider’ – The Best Damn Anderson Silva Highlight

In honor of the greatest fighter to ever grace the Octagon, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, who defended his title for a staggering tenth time Saturday night with a second round TKO of Chael Sonnen, we present to you The Best Damn Anderson Silva Highlight. Respect. Honor. Spider.

Fedor Emelianenko highlight reel by Machinemen

There have been many a Fedor Emelianenko highlight reels made over the years, however, this one has to rank up there as one of the best. Showing clips from childhood until his most recent fight against Brett Rogers, the video covers the whole gamut. Hey, it’s a lazy Sunday video day here at ProMMA.info… Enjoy!

King Mo – Crossing the Boundary

Here’s a new highlight reel featuring the ProMMA.info Breakthrough Fighter of 2009 – Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal, showcasing his bouts from Japan up until his most recent bout with Mike Whitehead in Strikeforce. Very slick videography, nothing too fancy, but looks professional and it also has what all good highlight videos must have – a … Read more

Courage – an MMA highlight reel you won’t soon forget

Once in awhile a really really good highlight reel is created. This is one of those. This is an MMA video called “Courage” and here is a description of the video from the creator’s website: « COURAGE » is a kind of visual bible of the Mixed Martial Arts. Initially, there were counted the most … Read more

The Resurgence volume 1

Here’s a new video from Genghis Con entiled, “RESURGENCE volume 1”. It is a short film on the downfall and rise of Alistair Overeem, Vitor Belfort and Jorge Santiago.

If you liked that then watch this…

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