New Destiny House of Wolves leak reveals new light level, gear, weapons, storyline, more

Have you grinded and grinded and raided and raided and finally got your guardian to light level 32? Don’t get too comfortable because in new leaked info it appears the Destiny light level limit will once again be raised with the upcoming House of Wolves expansion pack, which according to this new leaked info, will … Read more

Watch gameplay footage from Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves DLC

Destiny’s second¬†expansion pack due out later this year is known as House of Wolves, and like The Dark Below before it, it’s bringing some changes and additions to the game, including some pretty cool new weapons. Check out this video showing gameplay action inside the House of Wolves DLC months before it’s release. DID YOU … Read more

The Dark Below expansion will change the way you play Destiny

The Dark Below, the first expansion pack for Destiny, will be released on Dec. 9. If you haven’t bought your season pass, you probably should, because you’ll immediately get a brand new EV-30 Tumbler vehicle to cruise around on and do tricks. That’s right, you can supposedly do tricks, although the most I’ve been able … Read more

Destiny Expansion Pack: The Dark Below – Trailer and Preview

Due out on Dec. 9th, the first expansion for Destiny, “The Dark Below” will add new maps, weapons, gear, and storylines to the shooter that plays more like an MMORPG than anything. Bungie has at least a 10-year plan for Destiny expansion that will surely keep the Guardians coming back for more and more. We … Read more