Hendo says Bisping “hits like a bitch”

If Michael Bisping had a chance to win his fight with Dan Henderson at UFC 100, most people would probably agree it would have been on the feet.

Once the fight started Bisping appeared tentative and unwilling to stand in the pocket. He stayed on his bicycle for the entire first round. He appeared a bit hesitant. When he did engage it was quickly in, then quickly back out.

When top UFC fighters like Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva employ similar strategies often referred to as “elusive,” their movements are natural and fluid, and when they attack it is precise, without hesitation, and accurate.

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Tito Ortiz at the UFC 84 weigh-ins

This picture of Tito Ortiz at the UFC 84 weigh-ins is 100% real and it pretty much sums up the frustration and attitude Tito has for the UFC president, Dana White.  Basically, Tito has been saying that he has not been shown the respect he deserves by Dana.  In the post fight press conference Dana … Read more