Weekend wrap-up: The unofficial PROMMA.INFO Sunday night link dump

As hard as we try we can not always cover everything going on in the world of MMA. I know… it’s hard to believe. So, here’s a few things we didn’t cover this week that may just be worth your time checking out… or maybe not. I mean if it was that damn good we would have covered it, right? Probably. Nevertheless here’s our Sunday night link dump for all those who have to know every single freakin’ detail about every freakin’ fighter in every little mom and pop promotion in the sport. Enjoy:

DREAM says the white cage is coming…why a white cage? Oooh the blood is gonna show up nicely! Here’s a preview for DREAM 12: The Cage of the Rising Sun (maybe something is lost in the translation…cause “cage of the rising sun” makes no damn sense).

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ADCC preview show – featuring “Gumby” and Dave Camarillo

THE INFO brings you a special Abu Dhabi Combat Club 2009 preview show. It was a Ralph Gracie reunion of sorts as “Fast Eddie” Constantine was joined by On The Mat founder, Heroes Jiu Jitsu owner and Ralph Gracie black belt “Gumby” as well as AKA grappling coach and Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu guru, Dave Camarillo. These … Read more

Watch ADCC 2009 live on pay-per-view – full roster of competitors

The most prestigious Submission Grappling event in the world, the ADCC 2009, will have a live, pay-per-view webcast from Barcelona, Spain, to potentially 10,000 computers connected to the internet anywhere in the world, on Sept. 26 and 27.

The package price, that includes the live Webcast and also Video on Demand, is US$19.95 (After Sept. 19, the package price will be $24.95).

The live Webcast will start at the beginning of the tournament and it will go throughout the day until the last match, on both days. The company is expecting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of live stream per day.

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