Author: Ken Dulaney

Ken Dulaney is a U.S. Air Force veteran who received his education at the University of Maryland during his service. He lives in North Mississippi with his wife Toni, and has four children ages ranging from 16-23. Ken has been the Director of Sales & Marketing for a national collection agency for eleven years, has been in the industry for over twenty years and has been ranked in the top fifteen percent of sales persons in the USA. He is President of “The Shepherd’s Hands,” a charity for women and children at risk and has served in many charitable organizations during his career. He is a dedicated husband and father, a sportsman, and a rabid MMA fan. Ken began training in MMA with Tupelo Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2009 under Mark Romano and Chris Gates in an effort to become healthier. He immediately fell in love with the sport and works to promote fighters and gyms in the Southeast USA as his way to give back to a sport that has given him so much in very little time. He believes that the MMA community is made up of the most dedicated and professional athletes and sportspersons on the planet.