Six Sports Betting Strategies Worth Trying

When it comes to sports betting, there is a whole world of information and advice out there for you to navigate. It has become even more popular with free bets to use. Everyone you speak to will have their own ideas about the best way to go about making your fortune from sports betting, and there is always the person down the pub who is ‘in the know’ and likes to tell anyone and everyone how they should be building their strategy. Here we take a look at six sports betting strategies worth trying. 

Matched Betting

A popular method of betting, matched betting is a system that many people have found to be highly lucrative, and it features in most serious bettors’ long term strategies. The key here is to bet so that you are guaranteed to win by backing bets and then laying them off. It might sound like a strange thing to do, but it means that both outcomes work in your favour and you win either way. You should also keep an eye out for promotions and incentives when it comes to matched betting and optimise your winning potential through the use of free bets. 

In-Play Betting

It has been a very long time since sports betting was found only in the bookie’s shop. Gone are the days when a Saturday morning visit was a necessity. Now, with the advent of technology, there is a much easier and more exciting way to bet your stake – in-play betting. Known as in-game, in-play and live-betting, it is a strategy that many serious bettors now include in their repertoire and some make a foundation of their strategy. One of the most popular sports when it comes to in-play betting is football. This is due to the fact that football is widely shown and enjoyed in the UK. Whether you like to watch the weekend’s matches with a pint and a pie in the pub, or whether you prefer to opt for a curry on the couch, the live action means that you can bet on events as the game unfolds. This is a great betting strategy for those who really love their sport because it brings together the excitement of live sport and the excitement of betting (and winning). There are now apps dedicated to in-play betting, and pretty much all of the bookies are looking to get in on the game with attractive offers and incentives. 

Underdog Betting

When it comes to the nation’s biggest and best loved sport there is almost always an underdog in town. When it comes to competitions like the FA Cup and the League Cup, there is always a Romance story waiting to be written. Where there is a lower league playing at home and hosting a football giant and hoping for a lucrative replay at a big ground, it is always worth betting on a draw. Otherwise, where the small team is away, you will find great odds on an underdog win. Given that some of the bigger teams tend to see the domestic cups as being lower down the priority pecking order than the Premier League and a ‘top four’ spot, there is always a chance that they will field a weaker team than they have in previous league games. The change of personnel and the lack of coherence in the team can provide the underdog with an opportunity to pull off an upset. It is always worth a punt when it comes to the underdog, as the cup competitions are where dreams are made and big wins a reality. 

Betting on Draws

If you do your homework and take a good look at form and previous meetings, it is possible to spot where there is likely to be a draw in the weekend’s fixtures. Focus on teams that are playing with a defensive strategy, where there has been a congested fixture list and the results of previous meetings between the teams. Draws can be a very lucrative option for the savvy and knowledgeable bettors out there.

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