With thunderous punches, lethal uppercuts, extreme stamina, and trash-talking like you wouldn’t believe – what’s not to love about heavyweight boxing? 

The biggest games draw in some of the largest crowds both in public and number of bets. And why not? Boxing gives the most interesting odds compared to any other sport and there’s nothing compared to the excitement of watching the drama unfold on a big fight night! 2019 gave some classic fights and as we turn the corner into 2020, there’s a question that is on the lips of many boxing fans out there – who will be the best heavyweight boxers in the world in 2020?

We believe we have found four contenders that potentially fit this bill and here are the names to keep an eye; 

Anthony Joshua

First up is the smooth-talking, Hercules-like figure of Anthony Joshua. He is a formidable boxer, who stands at a rather intimidating 6ft 6 inches tall. When this guy smells blood he truly goes after it with the intent of a Great White, and this isn’t an exaggeration! Joshua prefers to jab with the left and follow up with some huge right hands, and these have been responsible for putting many guys down through his growing number of victories.

While he did slip up in the fight with Andy Ruiz in the summer of 2019, he has since reclaimed his title by putting on a boxing masterclass against Ruiz in December 2019. Joshua used a strategy that many didn’t feel he had in him, to dance around the ring and tire Ruiz out while landing shot after shot. This showed how versatile he can be as a boxer, and shows that there is more to him than just huge right hands.

Many now want to see Joshua take on some of the other guys on this list, and one thing is certain – there will be fireworks whoever he chooses to fight next.

Tyson Fury

The ‘Gypsy King’ as he is affectionately known in the boxing world is a blend of skill, ferocity, and simply undying attitude to win no matter what. This was evident during his rise from the grave behavior against Wilder in December 2018! Fury is a bit of a fan favorite, much like Joshua, and there are even talks that he is already eyeing Joshua up as one of his next targets.

Fury is a monstrous 6ft 9 inches tall, with an 85-inch reach. He’s certainly not a guy that you want to upset, so it’s just as well that the other fighters on this list will take him on rather than us regular folks! Another fun fact about Fury is that he is undefeated in his boxing career, and he’s only had one debatable draw against Wilder. He’s also overcome depression and complaints about his antics out of the ring, which just shows how much of a competitor he is.

Before Fury targets Anthony Joshua however, it remains to be seen how he fairs against his rematch with Wilder on February 22nd, 2020.

Deontay Wilder 

Wilder is actually the only American on this ist, so he is flying the flag for American boxing fans in 2020. ‘The Bronze Bomber’ as he is referred to is 6ft 7 inches tall and he can boast an 83-inch reach. He is 34 years old and he is also undefeated, having just one draw on his record against Tyson Fury. Some might say that Wilder is in the twilight of his career, but he doesn’t seem to want to hang up the gloves anytime soon.

He’s already scheduled to fight Fury at the MGM Grand in February, and he has regularly voiced intentions to fight well beyond this date. Wilder is a popular boxing personality, and we hope that he does continue to grace the ring for a few more years.

Dillian Whyte 

Our fourth and final contender for the top heavyweight in 2020 is another British fighter in the form of Dillian Whyte. Dillian, just like Anthony Joshua, has suffered one loss during his entire professional boxing career. Whatever your position on boxing heavyweights, this is remarkable, and the same can be said for the records of the other fighters on this list.

Whyte is on the smaller end of the scale when compared with these guys since he’s 6ft 4 and has a 78-inch reach. An interesting fact about Whyte is that he actually competed in the MMA back in 2008, where he won a fight by knockout after just 12 seconds. Perhaps it’s better that he now fights with thick gloves on his hands?

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