The main task of any game is to teach a person something new in an easy entertaining way. Video games put entertainment at the forefront, so we can rarely learn something new there. As a result, only those music video games stand out, whose concept requires an understanding of music and involves learning new skills. 

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Now it’s time for us to recall music video games in which a player can develop his composing skills, learn to sing and play instruments, and at the same time, have a good time. Here is the list of the best ones:

1. Lips

In 2008, the Xbox 360 launched the Lips music game, created by Keiichi Yano from Japan. The game is an ordinary karaoke with a number of differences: for example, you can sing any songs from your own music collection on the Xbox hard drive, as well as make your friends join the game as musicians.

In order to start playing, a special microphone controller was required that responded not only to the voice but also to the player’s movements. You can play music in Lips together with friends who use conventional joysticks to play various musical instruments and create accompaniment.

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2. Guitar Hero

The first Guitar Hero was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. The game quickly gained success among players and musicians and turned into a full-fledged franchise. Today, the Guitar Hero series has 19 games on different platforms. Guitar Hero has become so popular that annual tournaments with cash prizes began to be conducted on its base. Moreover, even one of the South Park series was dedicated to the game itself (the joke about playing Guitar Hero in acoustics is one of the best in the series).

The musical games of the Guitar Hero series are an opportunity to feel like a guitarist in a rock band and play all the world’s rock hits. The 4-button guitar controller came in many forms that replicated the look of popular guitars. Realizing that this is a gold mine, publishers and developers began to produce additional controllers in the form of a microphone and a drum kit. And in the game itself, it became possible to create a full-fledged group with friends, where everyone plays a part in a certain instrument.

3. BandFuse: Rock Legends

Music video games are not just about special controllers. In 2013, for the sake of realism, Realta Entertainment released BandFuse: Rock Legends, which mixes business with pleasure – the element of the game and the real guitar learning. Unfortunately, the game did not gain popularity and went unnoticed by most musicians and players.

To sum up

Musical video games remain a rarity, despite the active development of the gaming industry. The games in which musical skills play the key role are released infrequently, and the majority of them appeared only in the 2000s. In many ways, the appearance of such games depends on the level of technological development. Unfortunately, it is often not high enough to create something interesting (although the inability of developers to come up with something interesting plays an important role as well). Nevertheless, a lot of music videogames turned out to be really great.

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