Top Resources to Become CCNP Routing And Switching Certified


Computer networking is a critical aspect of every organization. Every business understands the importance of employing experts to help them with their computer networks’ needs. This has seen a rise in demand for networking professionals by employers over the years. This demand has led to a skill gap since qualified professionals are fewer compared to the existing demand. As a result of this, trainers and exam accrediting organizations like Cisco have come up with ways of ensuring this gap is filled. Cisco does this by offering training and certifications to professionals who want to help businesses in providing networking solutions. This brings us to the Prepaway Cisco 300-115 SWITCH exam. It’s designed for those who wish to be experts in ‘Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks.’ If you want to be one of the professionals involved in providing these solutions, then this is for you. 

We’d like you to understand more about this Cisco exam and its importance to your career. We’ll also ensure that we make it easier for you to prepare and pass this exam. You’ll get to know the resources such as training courses, PrepAway practice tests, and study guides that you can use. Let’s find out more about this exam next.

Cisco 300-115 Exam and Upcoming Changes

This SWITCH exam is among three exams required to attain the professional CCNP Routing and Switching certification. It’s also a requirement for the CCDP (Cisco Certified Design Professional) credential. It’s the second one in this series. For the CCNP R&S, the first one is Cisco 300-101 and the last one is Cisco 300-135. The other CCDP exams are Cisco 301-101 and Cisco 300-320. 

Candidates preparing for 300-115 exam have until 23rd February 2020 to pass their exam and earn a certification. After this date, a new exam and certification, which replaces this current one, will be in place. Cisco has made public their intention to retire some exams and certifications and replace them with new ones. This SWITCH exam is one of those going to be affected. 

Perhaps you’re wondering what would happen to your CCNP R&S or CCDP credential when that time comes. The truth is, you’re going to automatically receive the new certification once the changes come into place on 24th February 2020. You’ll also qualify for a training badge. 

Cisco 300-115 Exam Skills Measured

The Cisco 300-115 test validates your ability to plan, configure as well as verify your implementation skills in complex enterprise based switching solutions. Here are the topics that you’re required to master in order to be sufficiently ready for this exam:

  • Layer 2 technologies
  • Infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure technology

What Are the Details Of Cisco 300-115 Exam?

300-115 exam takes you 120 minutes and includes 30-40 questions. These questions are likely to include such types as drag and drop, fill in the blanks, multiple-choice, and simulations. The exam costs $300 dollars and is offered in English and Japanese. 

Top Resources to Pass Cisco 300-115 Exam

For you to be confident in your exam preparation, it’s necessary to find exam study resources that won’t let you down. We’ve carefully compiled reliable exam resources to help you study. What is left for you is to use them the right way and ensure that you commit your time and energy to the whole thing. Here are the resources: 

  1. Cisco Website

You need to begin from the vendor’s website as this will help you understand some few exam basics. It’s important for you to know what your exam is all about, the requirements, and some their details. Once you understand what it involves, you’ll be in a good position to choose the correct study materials.

2. Cisco E-Learning Resources

If you prefer self-study, then you need to consider using these e-learning resources:

  • Implementing Cisco IP SWITCHED Networks
  • Cisco Learning Labs for CCNP SWITCH

3. Cisco 300-115 Instructor-Led Training

Receiving thorough guidance by a qualified trainer is also another great way to pass your Cisco exam. One of the instructor-led training for this exam that you can make use of is the Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks.

4. Cisco 300-115 Practice Tests

This is one of the best ways to prepare for your SWITCH exam. Practice tests make it possible for you to understand the exam topics in detail as you go through the questions and answers. This popular method ensures that you know exactly which areas you’re already good at and which ones you still need to pay your attention to. For efficient up to date Cisco 300-115 practice tests, you need to check out the PrepAway website. The practice questions come with answers and help you to have a preview of the actual exam. 

5. Video Lectures

This is also great for self-study. It’s a flexible way to cover the exam syllabus while ensuring that you’re thoroughly ready for your exam. The PrepAway website has an intensive and detailed training course that has been designed by real IT experts. 

6. Study Guides

Using eBooks also equips you with the right material for your Cisco 300-115 exam. Here are the study guides that you can use:

  • PrepAway 300-115 Study Guide
  • CCNP SWITCH 300-115 Study Guide on Amazon

Routing and Switching Job Roles and Salaries

These are the jobs positions that you’ll qualify for on earning your CCNP R&S credential:

  • Technical consulting engineer
  • Cisco engineer CCNP
  • Network infrastructure engineer
  • Senior routing and switching network engineer

Any of these CCNP job positions will earn you $93,000 on average annually as per Payscale. 

Final Thoughts

Doing well in your Cisco 300-115 is now possible, thanks to easy access to preparation materials. Your work is to use them and ensure that you leave nothing to chance. Besides these study resources, diligence, commitment, and proper use of your time are key to your performance in this important exam. This means you have to ensure that you use an all-rounded approach as you prepare. And when it’s time to take your exam, you’re going to go through it with confidence. This will lead to great results.