This year’s boxing sport just got better. With a comprehensive list of the most significant bouts slated to take place in a couple of months, it’s sure going to become a thrilling year. As we wait for the exciting matches to take place, we can’t forget about the famous boxers who took boxing sport to another level. Below are some of the unbeatable fighters of all time.

1. Rocky Marciano (1947-1955)

He is one of the greatest boxers ever to walk the face of the earth. Marciano made a name for himself by having a 49-0 record win in his boxing career. He fought many great boxers in different weight classes, thus making the most significant claim of making boxing a mainstream sport. He laid a foundation for the likes of Muhammad Ali.

One of Rocky’s defining moments was when he took out the former heavyweight champion Joe Louis, who came out of retirement to fight him.

2. Laszlo Papp (1957-1964)

Papp has a very short but a successful undefeated boxing career. He has 27 wins and two draws. He became a professional quite late in his career as he was busy winning Olympic gold medals. However, the Hungarian government contributed to Laszlo’s failure to reach his maximum potential. They refused him to travel abroad. One of his notable winnings is against ralph tiger jones.

3. Ricardo Lopez (1985-2001)

Ricardo made his boxing professional debut in 1985 in the strawweight division. However, in his whole career, he made switching between flyweight and strawweight. He never disappointed as he conquered at both levels, thus being considered as one of the greatest boxers of all time. He had 51 wins but had a draw with Rosendo Alvarez which spoilt his perfect record.  Nevertheless, Lopez beat him at the rematch with equal measure and kept his WBA and WBC world minimumweight titles.

4. Joe Calzaghe (1993-2009)

Hailing from Wales, Joe Calzaghe made his first debut in 1993. For the better part of 15 years, he made a name for himself by fighting in Europe as well as the United Kingdom. He won WBO World Super Middleweight title after he fought Chris Eubank in 1995 and stayed at the top of his boxing game until when he retired in 2009. He fought in the USA and defeated Roy Jones Jr as well as Bernard Hopkins in the last two fights of his career. He remained unbeatable through-out his boxing career

5. Edwin Valero (2002-2010)

Valero is one of Venezuela’s best boxers. He began his career in 2002 in the lightweight division and instantly made a name for himself. He is known for his explosive ways that he ended his fights. Edwin remains the only boxer in boxing sport’s history to have a 100% knockout record in more than 25 battles.

6. Floyd Mayweather (1996- )

Floyd has fought more than 20 world champions and come out triumphantly against each fight. One of the noticeable contests of the century was between him, and Manny Pacquiao was he emerged undefeated. He dominated using his style. Manny threw more punches but couldn’t land on Floyd. If there was any match between Mayweather and another boxer, why not use that chance to bet on it via situs poker online and emerge victories with the great.


These great unbeatable boxers of all time took boxing to a different spectrum. If any were to make a comeback today, you would choose to take a bet on them on sites such as situs poker online and win with winners.

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