CES 41’s Mike Rodriguez: ‘I’m All About That Action!’

mike rodriguez celebrates

Before top middleweight prospect Mike Rodriguez returns to action against Hector Sanchez at CES 41 on January 27 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights, the CES MMA Dorian J. Murray Fighter of the Year nominee sat down with Pro MMA Now.

What are your overall thoughts on how 2016 played out from a professional standpoint, with you entering the CES MMA cage five times?

It was awesome. It had its ups and downs, but I felt like I grew a lot as a fighter and became a lot better. It started off rough when I lost to Pat McCrohan. My three-fight win streak was awesome, but then it ended on another loss. It sucks that I lost, but I’m very happy with how it went, all things considered.

In 2017, would you like to continue fighting so frequently or would you like to take your time a bit more?

No, I’m trying to fight as much as I can (laughs). Absolutely, I want to be in that CES cage as much as I possibly can.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions?

My resolution is that this is going to be my year, man. This is going to be the year that I make it to the UFC.

How excited are you for this upcoming fight?

I’m stoked, man. I can’t wait. My last loss bummed me out and I was a little hurt from the injury, but I’m fully recovered and I’m ready to get back in there.

Do you have anything to say to UFC president Dana White?

Nah, I’m going to let my actions speak for themselves, man. Right now, I’m all about that action, it’s all about that action.

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