Carlos Candelario on CES MMA 36 bout Friday: ‘Don’t blink!’

Carlos Candelario afte ra win

Before he’s back in action versus Roosevelt Archie at CES MMA 36 on Friday in Lincoln, R.I., undefeated flyweight Carlos “The Cannon” Candelario caught up with

What was the inspiration behind your recent nickname change — from “The Dragon” to the “The Cannon”?

I actually never changed my nickname. It was just a weird coincidence that there’s a pro boxer from Massachusetts with the same name, who goes by “The Dragon,” and some people have mistaken me for having that nickname. I’ve always been “The Cannon.”

Where does your nickname come from?

The way I got my nickname was through my training. I’ve got pretty good hands and it goes well with my last name, Candelario. They started calling me “The Cannon” after I started knocking people out (laughs).

Are you a fan of the nickname?

(Laughs) I do like it. I feel like it fits very well with my style and my name.

How did your career get off to such a good start?

Really it’s just working hard and training two or three times a day. I go against really good guys every day, so I have no choice but to improve.

How excited are you for Friday?

Oh, I’m very excited! CES MMA always puts on an incredible show, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I can’t wait to finish my fight and keep moving up that ladder. Don’t blink!

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