Brock Lesnar returns tonight on Chris Jericho’s “The Highlight Reel” and you can bet Roman Reigns will be watching close by. The Social Outcasts, WWE’s newest alliance, will be back. Becky Lynch wants a shot at Charlotte’s Divas Title at Royal Rumble 2016, will the daughter of “The Nature Boy” respond? Alberto Del Rio was able to steal the U.S. Title back from Kalisto last week, but how long can he keep it? Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens are set to clash for the Intercontinental Title at Royal Rumble 2016 on Sunday, but these two will likely keep the heat going tonight. All this and more on WWE Monday Night Raw for Jan. 18, 2016.

We’ll have live updates and video highlights of all the Raw action coinciding with the USA Network broadcast at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.


* Roman Reigns opens the show with a promo for his 1 vs. 29 match at Royal Rumble 2016 on Sunday. Tonight though he wants Brock Lesnar and wants to finish what Brock started last week. This brings out Chris Jericho who announces a “Highlight Reel” segment with Lesnar for later tonight. Reigns said he will be there too. The League of Nations comes out at this point with a Royal Rumble promo. This sets up a Reigns vs. Rusev match.

* Roman Reigns vs. Rusev — Chris Jericho special guest referee. Jericho ends up throwing the League of Nations out of the arena and Reigns ends Rusev with a Superman punch and a Spear.

* Stephanie McMahon has some words with Jericho backstage reminding him who is boss.

* Natalya (with Paige) vs. Brie Bella (with Alicia Fox) — Nattie submits Brie with a Sharpshooter after taking several kicks to the chest.

* Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan) vs. Dudley Boyz, Ryback (D-Von, Bubba Rae) — Harper finishes Bubba Rae with a clothesline.

* Big Show vs. Heath Slater — Social Outcasts are ringside. Big Show knocks out Slater with a punch then cleans house of the Social Outcasts.

* Stephanie and Vince with a Royal Rumble 2016 lottery for the No. 1 entrant and every name is Roman Reigns.

* Becky Lynch vs. Tamina — Becky submits Tamina with a Disarmer. After provocation from Becky, Ric Flair makes a Divas Title match between her and Charlotte at Royal Rumble.

* Kalisto, Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio — Sheamus counters a Solida del Sol from Kalisto and lands a Brogue Kick for the finish.

* New Day lays a trombone to rest.

* Jey Uso vs. Big E — Big E finishes Jey with a Big Ending after a distraction from Xavier Woods.

* Neville, R-Truth, Mark Henry, Titus O’Neil vs. Stardust, The Ascension, Tyler Breeze — Neville finishes Tyler Breeze with a Red Arrow.

* Highlight Reel segment with Chris Jericho. Paul Heyman interrupts. Lesnar and Reigns clash and Reigns spears Lesnar. The League of Nations come next after Reigns. Then he gets surrounded by The Wyatt Family. Bray lays Roman and Brock out with Sister Abigails. He declares that the Royal Rumble will be his. This ends the show.


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