Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a change at the domestic box office from this Monday to Tuesday. The movie was solid with another $8 million day, matching Monday’s take in North America.

The total is an amazing $758.2 million domestic gross, just $2.3 million short of Avatar‘s current record. The Force Awakens is going to pass that mark today with only having been released for a mere 20 days in theaters. It took over 330 days for Avatar to set the record. Quite a definitive statement to how much moviegoers love Star Wars.

Avatar didn’t pass the $750 million mark in its first runbut it did make a hefty $749 million. The record only came after a “Special Edition” was released back in to theaters that made the final tally $760.5 million domestic. By all accounts, The Force Awakens essentially did the job on Monday.

The overseas markets continue to outpace the impressive domestic, bringing in a total of $799.1 million overseas so far, and bringing the global take to 1.557 billion dollars.  A January 9 launch in China will significantly boost Force, as well and push it well past Jurassic World currently sitting in 3rd place.

Only time will tell if it beats Avatar’s $2.7 billion global record.

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