Tables, Ladders and Chairs is in the books and you know The Authority is going to come down hard on Roman Reigns after he attacked Triple H upon losing the his heavyweight championship match to Sheamus. What’s next for The Dudley Boyz, Rhyno and Tommy Dreamer after losing their Tables Match to The Wyatt Family? Dean Ambrose is the new Intercontinental Champion, but what’s next for he and former champ Kevin Owens? After a successful title defense against Lucha Dragons and The Usos at TLC, where does Tag Team Champions The New Day go from here? Also, what’s next for Charlotte after her successful title defense?

All this and more tonight on Monday Night Raw for Dec. 14, 2015 from Philadelphia. Stick with us here at PMN for live updates and video highlights of all the action coinciding with the USA Network broadcast starting at 8 p.m ET (5 p.m. PT).


* Stephanie McMahon opens the show talking about watching HHH get thrashed by Roman Reigns last night. Steph is about to levy her punishment against Reigns but his music hits and The Big Dog makes his entrance. Roman tells Steph she and her whole family are a disgrace. She slaps the crap out of Roman several times then says her dad, Vince, will be there to deal with Roman later tonight.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler — Ambrose with his new Intercontinental Title. This is a non-title match. … Kevin Owens interrupts the match by attacking Ziggler first and this causes the disqualification. He then grabs Ambrose’s belt which just makes him mad and then he gives Ambrose a pop-up power bomb. Ziggler tries to come to Ambrose’s aid but gets thrashed then pop-up power bombed on top of Ziggler. This ends the segment.

* This happened backstage as a message to The Wyatt Family:

* Vince has arrived. He sends Steph home to be with her husband although she wanted to come with him. The boss has it under control tonight folks. Or does he?

* R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas — Vince interrupts the match and grabs a mic, then officially stops the match saying, “Get the hell out of my ring,” and they leave.

* Vince compares himself to God just to get on everyone’s good side. Vince says Roman has been back there sweating his repercussions and he’s just going to have to sweat a little more… cut to commercial. … Vince calls Roman to come out, and he does. Vince orders Roman to get down on his hands and knees and apologize. He then says there was a time when he’d beat an apology out of him. Roman laughs and this causes Vince to take his coat off, and he starts to take his tie off when Sheamus interrupts. Sheamus wants to beat the apology out of Roman for Vince. Sheamus will face Roman in a HW title match later tonight, but if he loses, Vince says he’s fired. He then kicks Roman in the nuts.

* Ryback, Jack Swagger vs. Rusev, Alberto Del Rio –Del Rio finishes Swagger with a super kick.

* Tyler Breeze (with Summer Rae) vs. Neville — Miz is ringside directing Neville via megaphone. A super kick and a Red Arrow is enough for Neville to finish Tyler. Miz is pleased.

* The Wyatt Family vs. Team ECW (Dudley Boyz, Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer) – Extreme Rules Match — The match goes out on the floor. Tables are broken, chairs are used, kendo sticks, trash cans and more weapons are used. The Dudleys end up hitting a 3-D on Luke Harper. Bray and The Wyatt Family work them over then Erick Rowan comes off the ropes on top of Rhyno through a table for the finish.

* The New Day invites The Usos to come out to talk about their match at TLC. “It’s all love” New Day says and “we’re not here to fight.” New Day extends their hand for a truce. Big E then calls Lucha Dragons to come out before they discuss the truce. Kofi Kingston gives respect to Lucha for their performances at TLC. He says they are one of the toughest teams of all time. Sin Cara reminds them of Xavier Woods’ little trombone attack at TLC. New Day extends a hand of truce to both teams saying they all elevated the WWE tag teams at TLC. They all shake and that’s that. But now it’s down to business. The Usos and Lucha go to leave but New Day starts gloating and the two teams come back and put the hurt on New Day to end the segment.

* Charlotte, Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella, Alicia Fox — Ric Flair trips Alicia from ringside, this sets up a Disarmer from Becky for the finish.

* HW Title Match: Sheamus (c) vs. Roman Reigns — Stipulation: If Roman loses, he is fired from WWE. Vince McMahon watches from ringside. … Reigns is busted up and bleeding from a headbutt. A Superman punch from Roman is about to get him the finish when Vince pulls the ref out of the ring. The League of Nations come out to aid Sheamus but Roman beats them back. He knocks out Vince, and he hits a Spear on Sheamus to win the HW Title. Congrats Roman Reigns. Vince is still laid out halfway in and out of the ring.


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