Looking for an Event Space in Nashville, Tennessee? Well, the staff here at Pro MMA Now recently rented out the East Ivy Mansion event space in Nashville for a corporate event a couple of months ago and let me tell you, only two words come to mind, luxury and first class rating.

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From the moment you walk into this beautiful event space in Nashville you are astounded by the enchanting gardens and historic décor. They have 44,000 square feet of luxurious indoor and outdoor space and a 250 seating guest capacity. Whether you are planning a wedding or a business seminar, East Ivy can accommodate.

The design of the grounds at East Ivy is accented by its historic nature. Built in 1867 by AG Stanford, this mansion maintains a classic southern feel with modern amenities. The décor hands off gives you an authentic welcoming for your event or special day.

The property has various rooms that are suitable for workshops, seminars and dinner parties, fundraisers or as in our case, awards ceremonies. We used the spacious marble atrium/ballroom for the first part of our event and then set up tents, tables in the gardens and courtyards for our evening banquet to end the night.

Parking was also a breeze. There were lots of spaces and an option for Valet. East Ivy is also conveniently located 5 minutes away from Downtown Nashville as well as one block away from the Interstate 24.

But the most impressive part about East Ivy is the staff. From booking our corporate event to the actual event itself the staff is extremely attentive to your every need. They are very knowledgeable and have a great understanding of what it takes to run a smooth event. We received great assistance in finding the necessary caterers, florists and transportation services for our event. They truly go above and beyond to really make sure that your visitors and guests feel welcome and relaxed by making sure it is also convenient for you. East Ivy truly provides “Classic southern hospitality!”

What separates the East Ivy Mansion from other event spaces in Nashville is the history of the property.

This Mansion has an intrinsic history as vast as the building and land it was built on. Built in 1867 by AG Stanford, the mansion has been a home to various owners throughout the years. Remarkably, its first homeowner was Tennessee native Senator Henry Cooper. The Senator served one term in the Tennessee House of Representatives, after which he became and served as a judge. Shortly after, Henry Cooper moved to Nashville and served one term in the Tennessee State Senate as a Democrat. It is during this time that he occupied the East Ivy Mansion, concurrently teaching as a professor in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Cooper was killed later in Mexico by bandits, while East Ivy, along with Henry Cooper, remains an important part of Nashville history, the mansion carried on with many other home owners through the test of time.

event space nashvilleA foundation of the Historic Edgefield district of Nashville, the East Ivy has stood the test of time through several natural and manufactured disasters. The East Ivy was one of the very few properties to survive the Great Nashville Fire of 1916. This tragedy that destroyed most of the Italianate and Monarch Anne style homes in the area. In 1933, calamity struck again when a tornado devastated most of Nashville, once again decimating hundreds of historic homes in the area. Miraculously the East Ivy Mansion continued to stand unscathed. It continues to be one of the few original historic properties in Nashville. Guests of the East Ivy can see that the home has almost all of its original features from when it was first established.

Throughout various owners and a handful of natural disasters, the Historic East Ivy Mansion has, incredibly, stood the test of time in Tennessee. Most inspiring of all is the fact that although the East Ivy has undergone reconstruction and renovation throughout the years, the estate boasts almost all of its original fixtures and features. When you consider this Victorian-Era architecture, in addition to the East Ivy’s collection of immaculate antique furniture, walking through our doors is almost like stepping back into the chronicles of history.

What gives East Ivy such a special touch is not just the history, or the vintage appeal, but the people and staff that run the mansion. Through the test of time this mansion has endured fires, tornadoes and many other disasters but the staff and customer service provided has never faltered. We want to ensure that planning your event at East Ivy is hassle-free and enjoyable. Various corporate event, retreat or reunion packages are available. Give them a call at 615-777-3964 or click here to start planning your amazing event at Nashville, Tn #1 Event Space, East Ivy Mansion.

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