Amir Khan has a big fight on the horizon.”King” Khan (29-3, 19 KOs) will face Devin Alexander on December 13th live on Showtime. A behind the scenes look at Khan reveals a dedicated Muslim who, from all indications, has stayed true to his roots and upbringing. Khan says boxing is a very lonely place but he knows there are people around the world praying for him.

In the video above we see that Khan’s father plays a major role in the day to day operations of his training. Shah Khan has never missed any of his son’s fights going all the way back to the early days of his amateur career. He says he took Amir to the gym as a youngster to burn off some energy. Now the two have traveled the world competing.

Amir reflected on walking into the gym as a child.

“When I walked into the gym for the first time you could hear the bags being punched, you could smell the sweat and the blood. It felt like home.”

Don’t miss Khan vs. Alexander from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on December 13th. Could a fight with Floyd Mayweather be in the cards with a win? We shall see.


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